5 simple ways to find more delight daily

There is always something that gets in the way of us experiencing delight and joy in our lives, daily. It is part of life, actually, to be bothered by things that are often out of our control. Sometimes, these things are not obvious at the time but they conjure up negative feelings that stick with us and affect how we feel through the day.

These things could be a conversation we had or a comment made on social media that weighs on us. It could be something we heard on the news that brings us down. Or it could even be a reminder in our home that something needs fixing or otherwise doesn’t feel good. In all, the result leaves us feeling sad, or upset, and frustrated. To counteract them you must add in some daily delight.

5 simple ways to find more delight daily

1. Let go of something.

Anything, really because when you lighten your load whether it be your emotional, physical or mental load, you free yourself and that freedom opens you up to experience more happiness. Simply put, when there is too much in your head, heart, and home you feel overwhelmed and confused more easily. Those are joy killers! Think about what is consuming you, what feels heavy, annoying, frustrating. Try to let it, or many things, go and see how much lighter you feel.

Remember: your happiness is in direct relation to the thoughts, things, and even people that you let in, and let go of.  Make sure they make you feel good.

2. Make a plan

The best way to use your time wisely, and therefore leave you room to create and grow and be joyful is to plan. Take 15 minutes at the beginning of the week to plan – your meals, your non-negotiables, your downtime. When you do this, you not only allow yourself to see what the day and the week look like but more importantly, you allow your brain to rest easier knowing necessary tasks are already taken care of. And that creates calm. Which feels like joy incognito.

3. Stay off social.

And while you are at it, turn off the news. This does not mean you can’t be kept abreast of what is going on in the world or be on social media ever or at all. It is merely a suggestion to temper how much information you let it. Give all media a break, even for just one day. What you are left with is space, in your head and definitely your heart, to feel your way through the world with a little more joy.

4. Climb a tree.

Or just sit under one. Either way being in nature not only helps you slow down but if you really take the time to observe what is around you will feel, and perhaps be grateful for, the wonder of it all. It also brings to you a childlike joy that can lift your spirit daily. When you do experience that, you ground yourself and welcome in true peace and quiet which has joy written all over it.

5. Stay present.

If doing this were easy we’d all be doing it. But we can do hard things. And one of those things is to be aware of the thoughts running through our heads. Often we are more concerned with what might happen, or what already did. That just keeps us either stuck in the past or wandering aimlessly towards the future. Both can feel scary. And the way to combat that fear is to be aware of what is happening now, and what you have control of.

Let go of the rest. Let go of resentment, past mistakes, comparison, fear.

Focus on and be grateful for what you have, realizing that it is more than enough.

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  • Julie Murray

    I LOVE. “Verri Nice”. – I can feel the delicious energy of hope, pleasure, wisdom and positivity that this site is infused with. You are contributing to creating a better world for all.

    • Francesca

      Thank you Julie. <3 And thanks for reading!

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