Combined with a healthy eating and lifestyle routine, these oils support your body’s ability to heal, uplift, calm, clean, and nourish.

Young Living runs like a wholesale “club” of which you have to be a member to enjoy all it’s benefits.  You get to choose if you want to be a retail member (paying for your wellness at full price) or a wholesale member, where you will enjoy 24% off of retail.  As a wholesale member you will pay for and receive a supply of Young Living to get you started with the most essential of the essential oils and other products. No other obligations needed.  {Of course, if you want to make a living out of Young Living, contact me and I’ll show you how!}

Young Living makes it easy to create a healthy, toxic-free environment for your family, for less. To sign up visit this page, decide your membership, and once signed up you will be well on your way to wellness with Young Living oils.

Feel free to contact me with your questions about Young Living, the oils, and the many ways they can be used to help you realize more health by empowering you toward whole-life wellness.

Use essential oils to:

  • create chemical/toxic free cleaners for the home
  • help support your body’s ability to heal from things like the common cold, headaches, constipation, even kidney stones
  • infuse life enhancing scents through your living and working spaces
  • add nutrients to your healthy eating routine
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