I don’t know about you but I really like to know what is in whatever I am eating.  I work hard (happily) to pay attention to what I eat so that my body and mind get the most from what I am eating.  Which is why I tend to make a lot of my own treats and snacks.  Obviously, knowing what is in the snack is easier if I make it since I have control over the ingredients.

And making my own meals and treats also saves me money.  One bag of what I consider a healthy sweet potato chip will cost me $6 – for what ends up being 3 servings.

Making these…

GetAttachment-2 copy…costs me about $.50 a serving – about one sweet potato. And they are guilt free.  And delicious.

I know what you are saying … but what about time?  Yes it takes time to make your own goods but I find that it takes less time to make than we actually think it will take.  Often, the idea of having to prep food and cook it feels overwhelming – perhaps because we don’t really know how to make a particular item, or it is the first time making it so it seems more daunting. I definitely felt that way in the beginning of my journey to eating Paleo and gluten free.  There were so many things I didn’t try at first because of fear — of screwing it up or not making it perfectly or wasting food.  And what I found was that if I simply put the ingredients needed on my shopping list to buy, and then incorporated that meal or snack into my weekly food prep time I had no real excuse not to at least give it a go.

Enter these never fail sweet potato chips. They never fail in that it is really hard to screw up making them and they are always a hit! I actually didn’t have any fears around making these but I did for making the same chip but using beets instead. I.don’t.know.why.  Both are divine. Both are easy to make. Both are healthy. I tell you, with a mandolin slicer, coconut oil and salt, there is almost nothing I won’t try now.

These sweet potato chips are sent from heaven – easy to make and they actually stay for a few days in an air tight container.  Did I say they are delicious? They are a perfect side to any meal and a great addition to a child’s school lunch.  They are chips after all!


One large sweet potato

sea salt

about 3T of coconut oil for pan


Using a Mandolin Slicer, slice up your potato on a thin setting.  Keep that healthy skin on!
{Note: Forward-thinking tip: I slice 2+ potatoes – depending on my meal plan for the week – and store them in an air tight container so I have them ready to fry}

Heat oil in a 10″ or larger fry pan (medium heat)

Place your sweet potato discs in the pan – don’t over crowd

Sprinkle sea salt on them and when the ends start to curl, flip them.  Flip a few times until cripsy. The thinner the chip, the quicker it will cook.  The darker they get, the crunchier they will be.

Once cooked, place on a paper-towel-lined plate to soak up excess oil.  And enjoy!
{Note: store in an air-tight container any leftovers to enjoy for the next day!  If using beets, peel the beet before slicing.  These don’t get as crunchy as the sweet potato and need a little more cooking time.}

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