Eat Your Way Healthy

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This self-guided program introduces the basics of shopping, cooking and eating your way healthy. The wellness theories you will learn will be put into practice as you embark on a 30-day clean eating, Paleo-inspired regimen to kick start your health. Begin your journey to wellness by working through this program at your own pace.

Through a series of five modules you will learn:

  • what organizational strategies to implement to help you feel less stressed on your wellness journey
  • what foods are causing you harm and whywhat healthy alternatives you should eat and why
  • how to read a label and shop for foods that help you heal and grow
  • how to making lasting changes to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • how to deal with cravings

Need motivation?

Add on 4 weeks of 1×1 coaching to help motivate, support and advise you as you work through this program. Select the “Plus” program below.

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Program Options Eat Your Way Healthy, Eat Your Way Healthy PLUS