Tired of the clutter in your home and feeling stuffed? Could you use some support and motivation to make changes and get more organized, once and for all?

These classes are for you!

Conquer the Clutter

The Conquer the Clutter class is a personalized, small group coaching class that will teach you the 2 main tenets of organization, the 4 steps to organize anything and the 3 things you must do to stay organized – forever. You will share one area of your home that you want to declutter and, using that week’s class lesson, be coached to make the changes necessary to get it organized. Weekly assignments will be given to hold you accountable in making progress in your space.

If you want to develop a greater understanding of the laws of organization while you actively apply them to your life, this unique group coaching workshop is for you.

 This course is also for you if:

  • You have clutter in one or more areas of your home or office
  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired, stuffed and/or unproductive
  • You are willing to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose
  • You are ready to learn how to get organized and stay that way forever
  • You want to be clutter free and create freedom in your home and life so you can more easily adopt healthy lifestyle routines.

This course is not for you if:

  • You like living with piles of unmade decisions
  • You feel you are the most productive, efficient and happiest you can be
  • You won’t let go of things that no longer serve a purpose
  • You don’t see the benefit of learning how to be organized and clutter-free, and don’t believe in your ability to get organized and be clutter-free
  • You could care less about feeling free, and light, or about creating a life you truly love

Space is limited in this class so reserve your spot today!

Get and stay organized – for the health of it!

Join Francesca in this lively class as she teaches about the basic tenets of organization and how they are integral to living a healthy life.
In this 1.5 hour class (including Q&A) you will learn the 4 steps in the process to get organized, and the 3 imperatives to staying organized. You will also leave with a more complete understanding about why organization is the tie that binds together all wellness possibilities, and how to use it daily to find peace in your day-to-day.
If you struggle with clutter, have tried unsuccessfully to organize various areas of your life and home, and re looking to create calm and efficiency, this class is for you.
Offerings: February & May 2021
*Note: Next Class will be on February 23rd, 2021


  • Without Francesca’s compassion, understanding, motivation and professionalism, I would still be sitting in the middle of my floor clueless as to how to help my business and myself. What she does for you, your business, your family, or your personal life, is nothing short of amazing.

    Alexandra Concord, MA
  • Francesca taught me how to think differently, and helped me change years of unproductive habits — all with compassion, kindness and good humor. I started out wanting to gain space in my home, but what I really gained was space in my brain. Now I can use my mind to think about the things that really matter.

    Laura Hollis, NH
  • Francesca Verri saved my business!  My systems were failing; I couldn’t get caught up with clearing the papers – they were everywhere; and I didn’t know where to start in getting organized.  She worked side by side with me to organize my office and provided me with valuable tips and skills on staying organized so the systems we set up are still running, still efficient and have increased my productivity 10-fold!

    Jean Bedford, MA
  • To say that Francesca saved my life would be understating the fact that she added years to my life. By following Francesca’s instructions, I am on my way to a cleaner, healthier life.. The changes have been dramatic. I feel amazing, mentally and physically.

    Keith Westford, MA
  • I went to Francesca because I was living in constant chronic pain and was at my wit’s end. My body responded very quickly to the diet and lifestyle changes she recommended. I’ve noticed a ton of positive changes: steady weight loss, clearer skin, no pain, no diabetes, normal blood pressure readings, better digestion. I can’t say enough of what this has done for me!

    Jacky MA
  • Francesca Verri is exactly what I needed to begin to view my life differently and make positive changes in the right direction. ! The process of streamlining my life by letting go of what doesn’t work and organizing what does is making me see all the possibilities ahead.

    Esha Acton, MA
  • Francesca, thank you for making me whole again!!! You showed up at every meeting ready to guide me on this empowering journey with passion, wisdom, patience and thoughtfulness. It’s still unbelievable how much progress our family has made.

    Bianca Westford, MA
  • Francesca brings a positive energy and boundless enthusiasm to her work.  I intended to put my home on the market, but the chaos of our accumulated stuff made that impossible.  After several sessions with Francesca, I couldn’t believe the progress!

    Steve Concord, MA
  • You have been the guiding influence for this year of “living life lite” for my family. I can’t thank you enough for all of the inspiration and coaching on living verri well.

    Jessica Charlotte, NC
  • The day you left my reorganized house I absolutely felt lighter and more in control of my space and my life. I will never return to the chaos of before because now I have systems in place to help me stay organized.

    Kimberly Chicago, IL
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